Head of Group


  • Dr Majbaul Alam Majbaul Alam
    Research Fellow within the Sustainable Energy Research Group, Energy for Development (e4D)
  • Dr Ben Anderson Dr Ben Anderson
    Principal Research Fellow within the Energy & Climate Change Division
  • Victoria Aragon Aragon
    Researcher in Energy and the Built Environment at the Energy & Climate change Division
  • Dr Luke Blunden Luke Blunden
    Research Fellow in Energy for Development, Marine renewables, Cities and the Built Environment
  • Susan Hanson
    Research Fellow
  • Dr Mostafa Mahdy
    Post-doctoral research fellow in sustainable energy.
  • Dr Tom Rushby
    Research Fellow in Energy and Behaviour
  • Dr Philip Turner Dr Philip Turner
    Research Fellow in Cities, Energy and Behaviour
  • Dr Phil Yue Wu
    Dr Phil Wu (吴越), BSc, MSc, PhD is a researcher in Sustainable Energy within Engineering and the Environment at the University of Southampton

Research students

  • Nasser Alghamdi
    Postgraduate researcher
  • Sager Alsulamy
    Sager Alsulamy is a postgraduate research student. His PhD research involves energy decarbonisation pathways for new built cities in Saudi Arabia.
  • Alois Klink
    Alois Klink is a postgraduate research student. His PhD research involves applying artificial intelligence to renewable energy systems.
  • Ms. Ayah Mohamed
    Ms. Ayah Mohamed is a postgraduate research student whose PhD addresses small-scale off-grid systems in rural African communities with focus on Sudan.
  • Rodolfo Olvera-Trejo
    PhD Candidate. Experimental research on the hydrodynamic performance of 1:20 scaled marine current turbines.
  • Ellis Ridett
    Ellis Ridett is a postgraduate research student. His PhD research involves analysing the Isle of Wight’s aspiration for renewable energy power generation and local consumption.
  • Salma Sabour
    PhD Studentship in how sea-level rise and extreme events will affect our natural cultural heritage
  • Marie Schlenker
    PhD Studentship in sea-level rise and climate change on Solomon Islands
  • Muhammad Talut
    Muhammad Talut is a postgraduate research student. His PhD research involves modelling Bangladesh’s transition pathways  to renewable power.
  • Sien van der Plank
    Postgraduate research student examining the management of coastal flooding in England through spatial planning, engineering and insurance



Academic & Industrial Associates