Dr Gerald Muller is Associate Professor within Engineering and Physical Sciences at the University of Southampton.

My original degree is in structural engineering, but my research has taken me into the fields of low head hydropower, wave energy and more recently thermodynamics. My research is driven by the necessity to create economical and environmentally acceptable solutions for the generation of renewable energy. Quite often my inspiration for research projects comes from the analysis of historic technology which has been forgotten, or which is disregarded today for example because of a perceived lack of efficiency. In my work I mostly use a combination of theoretical and experimental work, the latter with laboratory tests as well as field measurements and prototype scale work.

First degree: Structural Engineering (FH Frankfurt)
Master’s degree: Civil Engineering (Queen’s University Belfast)
Ph.D.: Wave loadings on shoreline wave power stations (Queen’s University Belfast)

Current role:
Associate Professor: University of Southampton, Faculty of Engineering and the Environment