PhD Programme

We welcome applications from strong candidates to study with us on the Faculty postgraduate research (PhD) programme. Students who do not already have data analysis skills will be encouraged to take our Level 7 “Data Analysis & Experimental Methods for Civil and Environmental Engineering” (FEEG6025) module.

All applications to study with us should be made through the Faculty PhD Application process. However, before applying you should:

  • review our research themes and the research interests of our staff to ensure a good fit to your proposed research topic;
  • review current and recent PhD projects;
  • write a 1 page description of your proposed research project including:
    • a problem statement (what is the issue you want to address?);
    • your proposed method (how will you address it?);
    • the possible outcomes (what difference will it make?);
  • contact a staff member to ensure they are happy to supervise you based on your 1 page description.