Renewable Energy

Engineering solutions for reliable, affordable and sustainable energy stemming from renewable resources.

Solar Photovoltaics (PV)

Solar photovoltaics (PV) convert sunlight to electricity and is now the most utilised renewable energy technology globally. PV research focuses on ways to optimise power output from solar systems in real world situations. It covers fundamental understanding of solar PV, focussing more on applications in buildings, cities, villages, refrigeration and energy access. 

Marine Energy (Wave and Tidal)

Our research focusses on wave and tidal energy, encompassing resource characterisation, device fundamentals & array planning. it also addresses device interactions & array siting for optimised energy yields.

Wind Energy

Research in wind energy is undertaken at various scales – urban, onshore and offshore. The first addresses UK field trails with turbine capacities >5kW (micro wind turbines), the 2nd aims to identify factors that may influence the planning acceptance of onshore wind, whilst the latter maps offshore wind energy resources and energy yields in the Middle East region.