Karla M. Gonzalez-Carreon is a second-year postgraduate research student studying interpretable data-driven building energy analytics at the University of Southampton as part of the Energy and Climate Change Division. Originally from Mexico City, Mexico, her PhD’s primary objective is to create an interpretable data-driven energy consumption model and develop a digital twin for real-time analysis.

Karla holds a bachelor’s degree in mechatronics engineering with a finance diploma from the National Autonomous University of Mexico. She also earned a master’s in engineering in the Energy field with honours, with the dissertation “Analysis and technical-economic modelling for planning large-scale distributed generation systems for solar resources utilization”. Karla has worked in R&D on product design and business analytics based on a technological approach, sustainability and developing different projects with innovative insights in different academic institutions such as UCLA, IMASS-UNAM and the industry Grupo Gigante, and Grupo Rotoplas.

In her first year, Karla attended two international conferences: Sustainable Energy Technologies SET 2023 in Nottingham, UK, and the 4th International Conference on Evolving Cities and Towns, Southampton, UK.

Her PhD supervisors are Dr Manfren Massimiliano and Professor Patrick James.

Research interests

  • Interpretability modelling
  • Energy efficiency and optimisation
  • Renewable energy
  • Energy consumption modelling
  • Energy transitions
  • Building Performance
  • Data-driven methods
  • Digital twins



Email: K.M.Gonzalez-Carreon@soton.ac.uk


Energy and Climate Change Division
Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences
Room Number: 178/4037
Boldrewood Innovation Campus
University of Southampton
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