Research encompasses engineering analysis, developing evidence and providing advice to Southampton City Council and Portsmouth City Council. The work includes citywide analysis of building performance, providing evidence on required investment for building refurbishment as well as potential solar PV power production from all buildings in the city.

In Southampton, this study (and others) is now the building stone for the recently announced Green City Charter.  In Portsmouth, various studies that resulted in policy changes and informed decisions around infrastructure investment. The work resulted in new tools to assist UK’s local authorities for future investment planning and carbon target setting.

Engineered on geographic information systems (GIS), a building physics model was developed to allow refurbishment options to be applied and modelled, providing estimates of energy savings as a result of specific interventions. Furthermore, the model automatically identifies suitable roof areas for deploying solar systems – photovoltaics, or thermal, using high-resolution raster data collected by remote sensing. The result is a highly detailed 3D model of the entire city, rebuilding constructions and trees on a virtual environment. The model is able to accurately simulate solar radiation of building surfaces, taking into account factors such as shadows on roof surfaces at different times of the year. The model is able to combine multi-layer analysis and then identify suitable buildings that are feasible for installing solar systems.