Professor Patrick James and Dr Massimiliano Manfren from the Energy and Climate Change Division at the University of Southampton were commissioned by the NFRC Charitable Trust to prepare a report on building resilience of roofing technologies in a changing climate.  The National Federation of Roofing Contractors report (which can be downloaded here) details the research conducted by ECCD on the impact that climate change will have on UK roofs.

Most roof spaces provide opportunity to tackle the climate emergency—whether that be through electricity generation through Built-In solar PV, water harvesting through a blue roof, or reducing overheating through a cool roof. This research looks at outputs from the UK’s climate change projections, then applies it to the context of both domestic and commercial roofing in the UK, providing recommendations on what can be done to best prepare for these eventualities. It looked at a range of built forms across 15 cities in the UK, outlining what industry can do to not only alleviate these risks but to maximise roof spaces to ensure that they are being best utilised.

Climate change impacts and options for residential and commercial roofing