PhD research student Karla González Carreón exhibited the work of the Energy and Climate Change Division at the Science Engineering Day on Saturday 16th March 2024. The event is a free family-friendly event taking place across Highfield Campus and Boldrewood Innovation Campus, packed with more than a hundred interactive hands-on activities, workshops, live shows, talks, art performances and laboratory tours from across UoS Faculties and local community groups, schools and cultural venues. The event concludes the Southampton Science and Engineering Festival (SOTSEF) with thousands of visitors joining, coming as far as Devon, Kent, Yorkshire and Greater Manchester.

The exhibition invited attendees to plot current and future daily electricity profile, understanding potential issues, learning how the LATENT heat flex field trial may provide a solution. In addition there were posts and boards introducing ECCD’s portfolio of projects related to energy access and energy efficiency, including optimised and user sensitive energy efficiency solutions.

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