ECCD engagement with Southampton City Council


The Energy and Climate Change Division has undertaken a variety of research with Southampton City Council(SCC), with Professor Bahaj, the head of group, the Chief Scientific Advisor to SCC. Alongside working on a number of projects, detailed below, the MSc and PhD programme has often informed and assisted the city plan including rezoning workshops, energy retrofits and assisting in future net-zero carbon pathways.


Overheating Risk Assessment for UK schools 2023

This project is a response to the UK’s overheating risk introduced by climate change. By 2070, climate projections for the UK estimate an increase in seasonal average temperatures of up to 5.1°C in summer as well as more intense and frequent extreme events such as heat waves.

ECCD host Pioneering Places Workshop 2023

ECCD host a hybrid workshop with local stakeholders about Southampton’s non-technical barriers on the pathway to net zero as part of the Pioneering Places project.

Pioneering net zero delivery for the City of Southampton 2023

This project, currently in its second-phase will build on Southampton’s characteristics, opportunities and challenges through developing a combined techno-economic methodology coupled with stakeholder engagements to support a coherent feasibility studies to address its pathway to net zero.

Green City Performance Tracker 2021

The Green City Performance Tracker has been developed to provide a robust assessment of Southampton City Council’s Green City Charter (GCC) to help the City in its transition towards zero carbon making it a cleaner, greener and healthier city.

CareTeam outreach 2019

Numerous local and national events have been attended and presented to help disseminate CareTeam to a wide ranging demographic.

Key Cities Meeting – City and the Environment 2019

21st February 2019 | University of Southampton The Southampton City Council has joined forces with the University of Southampton and hosted a Key Cities Meeting addressing challenges on air quality, energy efficiency, transport, and infrastructure development.  The meeting urges local authorities to adopt a “healthy and prosperous” vision towards air quality and energy efficiency in towns and ...

ECCD host Care in the Square as part of CareTeam 2018

ECCD hosted Care in the Square as part of the CareTeam project, it was a free to attend fete of care hosted at the Guildhall Square in Southampton City Centre on 5th September 2018.

University of Southampton CareTeam Supports Independent Living 2018

Staff from the Energy and Climate Change Division (part of the CareTeam) at the University of Southampton are involved in an Innovate UK funded project to Support Independent Living for adults who require it. CareTeam is a collaborative project bringing together Nquiringminds (software developer), Southampton City Council and the University of Southampton. The aim of ...

Care In the Square – List of Participants 2018

CareTeam is a collaborative project bringing together Nquiringminds (software developer), Southampton City Council and the University of Southampton. The aim of CareTeam is to provide the necessary digital technology and service to support independent living and help carers support their loved ones more efficiently and effectively. On the Wednesday 5th of September 2018 at Guildhall Square, ...

CareTeam – Adult Support Digital Platform 2017

CareTeam is an adult support digital platform that comprises a mobile app and household and personal sensing technologies. This platform aims to support independent living and help carers support their loved ones more efficiently and effectively. The project aims to help adults who currently receive home care to remain independent, comfortable and active, living in ...

Thermal comfort and indoor environments 2015

Heating, is the main component of energy demand in UK dwellings and is often associated with thermal comfort.  Our research investigates how domestic buildings and their occupants use energy and how they interact with building systems in order to adjust their comfort.

Energy Performance and Thermal Comfort in a High-Rise University Halls of Residence 2015

This project intends to investigate the impact of occupant-related parameters on energy performance using a newly built ‘BREEAM excellent’ University Halls of residence building as a case study. More specifically, it will address the challenge of achieving energy efficiency and comfortable indoor conditions in a building which accommodates international students with potentially very different and ...

Impacts of Urban Interventions for the Reinvigoration of Secondary and Tertiary High Streets 2015

The aim of this work is to understand the impact of small-scale urban interventions on declining secondary/tertiary high streets and how this relates to stakeholders’ perceptions and behaviours. The study also investigates the hypothesis that undertaking small-scale interventions assists in generating a collective approach among stakeholders for the regeneration of secondary retail areas.

Liveable Cities 2013 Liveable cities logo

How do we address energy consumption to meet low carbon targets? How do we address infrastructure ‘lock in’ to improve the carbon performance of the urban environment? How do we engender and embed low carbon pathways and engineering solutions for demand reduction and power generation in cities? Introduction Launched in 2012, Liveable Cities is a five year £6.2m research ...

Low Carbon City Strategy 2013

Title: Low Carbon City Strategy Researcher: Yue Wu Supervisors: AbuBakr Bahaj and Luke Blunden Abstract GHG emissions are becoming a global concern. The UK has legally bound a CO2 emission reduction target that by 2050 at least 80% of GHG emission shall be reduced based on the emission level of 1990. Consequently, the local authorities also published their own ...