The Energy and Climate Change Division has been running a weekly ECCD Virtual Seminar Series, commencing from Tuesday 23 June 2020.

The seminar will run every Tuesday lunchtime from 14:00-14:45 (BST) on Zoom.

One member of the ECCD team, or an invited speaker, will deliver a 20 minute talk on the topic of their choice, either related to their research or the research goals of the group. This will then be followed by 25 minutes of discussion with debate and idea generation for current and potential projects.

The next session will be presented by Mostafa Mahdy and Philip Turner, ECCD Research Fellows, who will be presenting on the Development of the Green City Performance Tracker.

Please contact Dr Maj Alam at if you would like to join, present or have any questions about the seminar. We encourage a wide range of topics and discussions.

Previous topics discussed during the ECCD seminar include:

  • Impact of Solar PV Penetration on City Grids in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – Sager Alsulamy ,ECCD Postgraduate Researcher
  • Realising the Isle of Wight’s aspiration for renewable energy power generation and local consumption – Ellis Ridett, ECCD Postgraduate Researcher
  • Tidal Energy and Sandbanks – Dr Luke Blunden, Research Fellow in Energy for Developmpent, Marine, Cities and the Built Environment
  • Seasonality of Heat Deamnd in Social Housing – Victoria Aragon, Researcher in Energy and the Built Environment
  • Future of Southampton, the 15-minute cityDr Philip Turner, Research Fellow in Cities, Energy and Behaviour
  • Introduction to TableauDr Thomas Rushby, Research Fellow in Energy and Behaviour
  • Energy Management at the University of SouthamptonJane Altounyan, Asst Energy Analyst, UoS Estates and Facilities
  • Change Management: What’s in it for Me?Nasser Alghamadi, ECCD Postgraduate Researcher
  • Shoreline Change in Coastal Natural World Heritage Sites – a global assessment – Salma Sabour, ECCD Postgraduate Researcher
  • A Conversation about Energy Sufficiency – Dr Thomas Rushby, Research Fellow in Energy and Behaviour
  • SENSE: Paired Surveys – Inferential Analysis and Network Analysis?Dr Stephanie Gauthier, Lecturer in Energy and Buildings
  • Reflections about state of the art Building Energy Modelling – Dr Manfren Massimiliano, Lecturer in Energy in Buildings
  • Benchmarking Fault Detection in Photovoltaics Using Thermographic Imagery and Machine Learning – Alois Klink, ECCD Postgraduate Researcher
  • The effect of COVID-19 2020 lockdown on electricity consumption and associated direct green-house gas emissionss in Great Britain – Dr Ben Anderson, Principal Research Fellow within the Energy and Climate Change Division

ECCD Seminar video presentations

See below for select video summaries of the ECCD seminar presentations

  • Post-Occupancy Evaluation methods for the built environment – Dr Stephanie Gauthier, Lecturer in Energy and Buildings


  • Acceptability of occupants sharing information – Dr Stephanie Gauthier, Lecturer in Energy and Buildings