ECCD engagement with Hampshire County Council


The Energy and Climate Change Division has undertaken a variety of engagement with Hampshire County Council (HCC).

Dr Ben Anderson is currently a member of the Council’s Climate Change Expert Stakeholder Forum and we are developing a range of collaborative research projects as described below.

Projects and updates:

Early Hampshire Energy Mapping project results presented 2021

Masters student Meghan Kingsley Walsh recently presented preliminary results from her Hampshire Energy Mapping dissertation project to Hampshire County Council’s Climate Change Expert Consultative Forum. Meghan’s presentation focused on the geo-spatial distribution of energy use and it’s relationship to fuel poverty, deprivation and area level age profiles.

Hampshire Energy Mapping project 2021

Investigator: Dr Ben Anderson Masters student: Meghan Kingsley-Walsh Hampshire County Council declared a Climate Emergency in June 2019 and have since set two targets for the County as a whole: To be carbon neutral by 2050 To be resilient to the impacts of a 2oC temperature rise It is becoming widely recognised that decarbonising national and local energy systems will ...

Dr Ben Anderson invited to join Hampshire County Council’s Expert Stakeholder Forum 2020

Following participation in Hampshire County Council’s Climate Change Expert Consultative Forum in August 2020, ECCD’s Dr Anderson has been invited to join the Council’s follow-on Expert Stakeholder Forum. The forum held it’s first (virtual) meeting on 8th December 2020 to review and comment on the Council’s current overall strategy and Action Plan as agreed at ...