Energy for Development people & partners

The Energy for Development (e4D) project team consists of Engineers, Social Scientists, Business and Finance experts besides the core e4D team members. We team up with project partners including academic institutes, utilities, ministries, research institutes and NGOs across Africa, Asia and beyond to deliver the best research and development outputs.

Project team

While multiple members of the Energy and Climate Change Division (ECCD) team may work on the e4D project the central research team includes the following

Prof. AbuBakr Bahaj

Head of ECCD Division, University of Southampton

Prof. Patrick James

Professor of Energy & Buildings, University of Southampton

Majbaul Alam

Dr Majbaul Alam

e4D researcher, University of Southampton


Dr Victoria Aragon

e4D researcher, University of Southampton

Luke Blunden

Dr Luke Blunden

e4D researcher, University of Southampton

Ayah Mohamed

e4D PhD student, Univeristy of Southampton

Prof. Jane Falkingham

School of Social Science, University of Southampton

Prof. Gerry George

Entrepreneurship, Singapore Management University

Majbaul Alam

Prof. Zoe Matthews

Global Health & Social Statistics, University of Southampton


Prof. Nyovani Maidse

Director of Reesarch for Sustainable Development Policies, AFIDEP

Project partners

See below for a list of selected e4D project partners