Dr Ben Anderson and Dr Tom Rushby recently responded to the Energy Networks Association’s consultation on ‘flexibility’. In a a short paper summarising relevant ECCD and colleagues’ research to date they concentrated on the following questions:

  • New DSO Services–2020 Product 5
    • Q6 At what point do you believe it is appropriate to standardise new products? For example, should we initiate standardisation early onlimited experience, or allow more than 2-3 DNOs to developand procuresimilar products before commencing standardisation?
  • Residential Flexibility
    • Q17b-Can you identify any barriers that might currently exist, along with potential solutions?

Their responses drew on their experiences with the SAVE demand response trials as well as longer-term experience in the development of open standards via the IETF.

Read their full response:

Anderson, Ben and Rushby, Thomas (2020) ENA Open Networks Project: Flexibility Consultation 2020 – a response Universty of Southampton 8pp. http://eprints.soton.ac.uk/id/eprint/444175