Demand Side Renewables for Agricultural Base Load Energy (DeSiRABLE) project is exploring impactful use of electricity to support socio-economic growth in off-grid rural areas in Rwanda. The project stems previously funded Energy Catalyst Round 4 project, EVERESST DC, were we established that DC energy services, centred around an anchor base load can provide better value energy (electricity) when compared diesel generator driven mini grids. This work opened up large numbers of electricity access opportunities to support rural development and alleviate poverty. However, each application to some degree may be bespoke, depending on the anchor load and local community requirements.

DeSiRABLE aims to develop a solar photovoltaic (PV) technology driven platforms to support refrigeration for milk collection centres (MCCs) in Rwanda whilst providing additional energy services to the community through perhaps a DC micro grid. The PV-battery driven system will replace existing diesel generators-based cooling systems. Two MCCS will be converted to PV power and act as case studies for the integration of milk chilling processes including hot water wash, energy hub for community and other potential use of electricity.

System modelling and design are undertaken by the ECCD team couple with leadership in engaging the local community.