EVERREST DC Mini-grid project:

This project is working on a DC Micro-Grid Platform (DCMGP) (or system) encompassing a unique product and business solution for organisations seeking to provide modern energy services into energy-poor regions. The target solution is not just hardware, it is a partnership approach to modern energy access that actively engages end users and stakeholders to encourage efficiency as a natural way of modern energy life. The DCMGP provides high value (not high capacity), dependable services (not just electricity). The core of the DCMGP is a DC solar photovoltaic system with proven long life, high reliability, low-skilled maintenance, no emissions, no fuel requirement, transparent performance. The highest value energy service solutions are those with the highest efficiency of generation, transmission and consumption. These characteristics sit at the centre of this project. The DCMGP aims to create a step change in the efficiency of energy usage by avoiding DC to AC conversions and generating confidence in modern, efficient DC devices.