SERG researchers participated into a 5-year programme “Liveable Cities” to transform the engineering of cities to deliver societal and planetary wellbeing within the context of low-carbon living and resource security.

More videos by SERG researchers can be found below:
Leaky Houses – Luke Blunden
Electricity Monitoring Field Study for Carbon Savings – Leonidas Bourikas
Rezoning as a Tool for Achieving Liveable Cities – Leonidas Bourikas
Wellbeing and Energy – Milena Buchs
Finding Socially Acceptable Wind Turbine Sites – Michael Harper
Developing Methods of Charging for Heat in Council Housing – Sam Paine
Assessing the Impact of Multiple Developments on the Environment and Citizens – Tatiana Sanches
Overheating Risk – Jake Stephen
Regeneration of Secondary Retail – Philip Turner
Energy Saving Potential of Buildings in a City – Phil Wu