SERG’s contributions to the RCUK-EUED DEMAND centre were recently showcased at an event co-hosted by DEAMND and the Association for Decentralised Energy (ADE) on 14th January.
Dr Ben Anderson gave three presentations covering:

  1. Trends in the timing of energy using activities: what can be learnt from time use data?” – an overview of the use of time diary data in the study of evolving domestic energy demands in the UK since 1974;demand
  2. Solar Citizens” – a short presentation on the use of time use data to analyse which kinds of UK domestic consumers are currently likely to use the most power during the middle of the day;
  3. Patterns of car use in the UK and the implications for EV charging” – further analysis of time use data to investigate the timing of car trips which end at home and thus may lead to demand for EV charging.

Slides from these presentations are available in one speakerdeck set.