People and Buildings 11th Master Conference (MC2021/22)

In collaboration with University of Westminster and the London Metropolitan University

Hybrid conference, 16th Septmeber 2022

The University of Southampton’s Energy and Climate Change Division hosted the 11th People and Buildings Masters Conference in collaboration with the University of Westminster and the London Metropolitan University. The conference took place on Septmeber 16 from 10:00-18:00 at The Hogg Lecture Theatre, University of Westminster, London. 

There were over 50 applicants with 30 accepted abstracts leading to 19 accepted papers and presentations from 6 Univerisities (Cardiff, Liverpool, Nottingham, Southampton, UCL and Westminster), with a full timetable and speaker list found here.

The confrence was set up in order to provide students an opportunity to present their work beyond the confines of their own University, where a lot of interesting work can become locked away. The conference provides a forum to discuss short papers by Masters students who are near the end of their course or who have completed in the last two years. The subject of their paper will usually reflect that of their Master Dissertation. The conference will provide a forum for students of different institutions to meet, exchange information and discuss their work. The conference may also provide a forum for students to meet future work collaborators.

Key themes