The Smart Energy Research Lab (SERL) in which we are a partner has released two initial datasets to the UK Dataservice for re-use in their Secure data Lab:

  • “Smart Energy Research Lab Exploratory Data, 2019-2020: Secure Access” – (Study Number 8643)
  • “Smart Energy Research Lab Observatory Data, 2019-2020: Secure Access” (Study Number 8666)

Both datasets comprise half-hourly smart meter energy (electricity & gas where used) consumption data. The exploratory data is drawn from the SERL pilot which tested different recruitment methods. The Observatory data is the first tranche of data collected from households recruited using the tested methods. Over time we expect the Observatory sample size to rise to 10,000 GB households.

Analysts wishing to use the data will first need to follow UKDS and ONS secure researcher accreditation processes and submit research applications to the SERL Data Governance Board for approval.