• Southampton to have the best ‘Healthy Life Expectancy Indicator’ across UK cities.
  • Reduce mortality rates attributed to air pollution, aiming to reach equal or lower level of deaths experienced in rural areas.
  • To reduce emissions and satisfy the World Health Organisation air quality guideline values, with nitrogen dioxide levels of 25 µg/m³ by 2025.
  • Reduce number of ‘Air Alert’ forecasts and severity of the forecasts.
  • Reduction in proportion and number of older, more polluting vehicles operating within the City.

Targets for each GCC signatory

  • To have Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points for 5% of parking lots by 2025.
  • To provide 50% parking fee reductions for EV cars by 2021.
  • To provide 30% charging fee reductions for EV cars by 2021.
  • To charge an additional 50% parking fee for high emission cars.


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