LATENT Residential Heat As An Energy System Service

field trial findings from the first heating season

As part of the LATENT project we are undertaking field trials across two heating season to test a number of approaches to using third-party control of domestic heat pumps to reduce peak demand on the electricity system (Heat Flex).

During January – April 2023 we completed over 25 Heat Flex events, varying from 30 minutes to 2 hours, collecting an array of data from over 60 heat pumps. Using this data we have learnt each household’s ‘normal heating operation and how the internal temperature within each responds to Heat Flex events. The graphic shows one such event, where there was a noticeable impact on power demand with only a small reduction in temperature. We monitor internal temperatures continuously during the active trial which allows us to suspend Heat Flex events for any household that does not meet a minimum temperature threshold, ensuring the wellbeing of participants is always protected. Having tested events on various days-of-the-week and times-of-the-day, we have used biweekly survey responses to begin to understand how households experience and accept Heat Flex.

Please note that this is only a brief summary on the findings which have been written up as a paper which will be shared upon publication.