SERG researchers Maj and Nicolas have just finished the last for 2017 SERG visit to Africa. The last two weeks they visited old Energy for Development (e4D) projects in Kenya and Uganda. As demand has grown in recent days, they discussed the opportunity for new projects and extension of the existing ones with REA (Rural Electrification Agency) in Uganda.

One of the e4D PV mini-grid (13.5kW) in Uganda.

Rural East African people are really enjoying the benefits of PV-battery based mini-grid electrification initiated by SERG. Future plans include the installation of several PV mini-grids at remote rural locations in Uganda.

A project in Uganda. Maj (first left) and Nicolas (middle) had a series of meetings with the village co-op manager (second left) and the REA co-op manager (first right).

If successful SERG and Energy for Development will be involved in Uganda’s mini-grid electrification capacity increase to MW scale. Next journey is scheduled for the beginning of 2018.

SERG rural electrification projects help to make off-grid life lively and support growth.