The 6th Africa Mini Grids Summit hosted virtually in Nariobi, Kenya took place from 25 – 26 February 2021 with a number of presentations from ECCD alongside Fortis Unum project partners.

In Africa, mini grids have been identified as a key platform to address critical electrification shortages. Creating successful mini grid ecosystems beyond pilot projects is now the focus of African governments facing severe shortages especially for their off-grid populations. Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, and Ghana are just some of the countries with frameworks and supportive policies to expand energy access through mini grids. Foundations, donors and organizations are stepping-up their financial support for mini grids as momentum gears-up towards universal energy access by 2030.

The 6th Africa Mini Grids Summit is being hosted to learn from governments, regulators, utilities, investors, project developers, financiers, donor agencies, and technology and solutions providers. Analysing the building blocks and mechanics behind various implementation models to provide insight on how to overcome the pain points impacting the industry. Government officers, international experts, private sector players and investors will come together to share insights and solutions, discuss case studies, and engage in robust panel debates on how to scale-up successful mini grid projects in Africa.

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