In Sub Saharan Africa around 600 million are without electricity. It is well recognised that mini grids are critical in addressing such electricity shortages providing access resulting in development and growth. Several countries such as Kenya and Uganda have large sections of their populations unconnected to the national grid. In order to provide needed access quickly, mini grids can plug this access gap effectively and efficiently. It is with this in mind that the energy for development programme at the University of Southampton was initiated. This programme has resulted in community run 6 mini grinds in Kenya, Uganda and Cameroon.
This work has resulted in accurate data generation related to consumption in poor communities and partnerships to scale up the developed approaches.
The 4th Africa Mini Grids Summit – Generating Successful Mini Grid Economies in Africa is an event, Chaired by Prof Bahaj of the energy for development programme, gives an opportunity for businesses, industry, academics, investors, communities, regulators and policy makers to discuss the development of mini grids and debate synergies between these organisations.
For more information on how to register and opportunities to participate visit the event webpage