Showcasing Engineering for Development with a focus on electrification

In collaboration with the Royal Academy of Engineering, London

Hybrid conference, 18 March 2022

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The University of Southampton’s Energy and Climate Change Division hosted the inaugural Showcasing Engineering for Development one-day conference in collaboration with the Royal Academy of Engineering, London, UK. The conference took place on March 18 from 09:30-16:00 with 130 registrants attending in person and online from 65 organisations situated within 22 countries.

The conference brought together leading academics, policy-makers, regional and non-governmental organisations and the private sector to discuss the major achievements of the engineering for development programme with a focus on electricity access focus through mini grids and solar home systems and related socio-economic issues. The aims of the conference were to:

  • Showcase the effectiveness of the ODA/GCRF programmes in delivering engineering solutions that addressed challenges in the global South.
  • Provide appropriate pathways to electrification, especially in rural communities.
  • Showcase socio-economic development in such communities.
  • Act as a nucleus for other future targeted events.

Over the course of the event there were 15 speakers across three sessions with talks covering academic field trials, government funded programmes and the complexities and opportunities within the private sector. Alongside the presentations there was a panel session and exhibition hall all situated within the Royal Academy of Engineering’s Prince Philip House. With attendees sharing their insights and solutions on how to scale-up Africa’s electricity access

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