The Solent Achieving Value from Efficiency (SAVE) project has recently started to recruit a sample of households from across the Solent region (Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Southampton, Portsmouth) as part of its study of energy use. 
To ensure the study has a varied and representative selection of households and property types each address has been chosen at random to take part in the study. Households at these addresses will be contacted by our recruitment and fieldwork partner, BMG Research.
Households at these addresses will receive a letter from BMG Research and will then be contacted either in person or by phone to see if they are happy to take part.
BMG Research staff who visit an address will always carry identification but in case of doubt their central helpdesk can be contacted via:
Telephone:         0800 358 0337 (office hours)
As it is important that only these randomly selected households join the study, the study is not looking for volunteers.