Date:          23/05/2016
Venue:      Highfield Campus, Building 7/3027
Speaker:  Lord Bourne, Minister for the Department of Energy and Climate Change
Title:          EU Referendum and its bearing on climate change and future UK energy policy

IMG_2349Lord Bourne delivered a talk to University staff and students within the Faculty of Engineering & Environment at the University of Southampton on Monday 23rd May. His talk started with a summary of the EU, why it was formed, and the goals of the EU. He then talked about the specific impact the EU had at the COP21, in Paris, in relation to climate change and energy. Finally the UK energy policy was discussed.

The talk was very well attended with a full house of faculty members and students, even with the short notice. The talk generated lots of interest among the audience with many questions being asked in relation to the UK energy policy, climate change, and the EU in general.

The agenda can be downloaded from here.