Sager Alsulamy is a postgraduate research student. His PhD research involves energy decarbonisation pathways for new built cities in Saudi Arabia.

Sager graduated from the University of Southern California in 2016 with a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering where he gained interest in renewable energy and climate change. During his master studies he participated in smart grid regional demonstration project and electrical vehicle program. His previous experience includes working in the utility as an electrical engineer in the distribution sector, testing and commissioning of high to medium voltage substations, routine and type tests for different electrical network equipment such as cables, transformers, circuit breakers and overhead lines.

Currently, his research is focused on developing low carbon transition pathways plan for a none-grid connected case study city in Saudi Arabia.

Research Interests

  • Renewable energy and climate change
  • Energy for cities
  • Energy policy
  • Energy benchmarking and standards
  • Zero carbon emissions
  • Consumption reduction strategies

PhD Project

Driven by Saudi Arabia Vision 2030 to diversify the economy away from fossil fuels dependence to renewable resources, the research presents aims to investigate the decarbonisation pathway for a real off grid city in Saudi Arabia, based on real data to support enhanced modelling and provide evidence for policy guidance.

This research will be encompassing, and will evaluate the technical, economic, and social impact for transitioning the current fossil energy driven electrical energy supply and the relationship of consumption in buildings, transportation based on real data. It will also address the socioeconomic standing of the city and its people through surveys and interaction with city planners and operators.


  • Impact of Multi MW Solar Photovoltaic Penetration on the Grid in Saudi Arabia, International Conference of Renewable Energy, UNESCO, Paris, 24-26 April 2019.
  • Displacing University Campus Fossil Fuel Power Supply with Solar PV in Saudi Arabia, ICEC 2021, International Conference on Evolving City (22 -23 September 2021, Southampton, UK).
  • City-wide Cooling Assessment in KSA, ICEC 2021, International Conference on Evolving City (22 -23 September 2021, Southampton, UK).



Room 4037, Building 178 (Boldrewood)
Energy and Climate Change Division
Engineering and Physical Sciences
Boldrewood Innovation Campus
University of Southampton
Southampton, SO16 7QF